About Us

Why we're here

Physio & Medical Supplies Ltd was born out of a desire to provide the highest quality equipment at the best possible price.

We have found in the past that many businesses supplying medical, physiotherapy and pain relief supplies, have little, if any, first hand knowledge or real experience in the use of the items.

The products we source are amongst the best quality medical grade products currently available.  A majority of the products available have been appraised by chartered physiotherapists and we are happy to stand behind all that we sell.

Should you find that the product you are looking for is not currently available on the site; please feel free to call us, as we are able to source almost any medical or physiotherapy product that is available on the market today.

Having worked alongside a private  physiotherapy clinic (and still doing so) for  a number of years,  I felt there was a need for the consumer to be able to acquire a quality product at a good price; and also be able to satisfy any questions they may have, both prior to and after their purchase.

Physio & Medical's main speciality is alternative methods of pain relief.  In particular the use of  Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or TENS for short. 

TENS  is fast becoming the most popular choice of non-invasive and safe pain relief chosen today.  It is often recommended by general practitioners, physiotherapists, consultants and pain clinics as an alternative to using medication.  There are no known side effects to using TENS and, unlike some medication, there is no chance of addiction.  It can be used to improve the quality of life of sufferers of both chronic and acute pain, and can also be used in palliative care. There are a few contra-indications to using TENS and these are listed on our 'What is TENS' page.  Ifyou are unsure as to your suitability for TENS, consult your medical professional for further advice.


Have a question regarding our products?

At Physio & Medical Supplies Ltd. we have personnel trained in the application of TENS who are happy to answer any questions regarding the type of unit that may be suitable and the use of the unit.  Please feel free to contact us either by telephone, or by sending an email via our contact page, and we will assist you in any way that we can. 

Please not; we are unable to give advice on any specific medical issues, but can certainly help with general queries regarding the safe and very effective use of TENS for pain relief.

We also have a range of complimentary products that can be used safely alongside tens to acheive even more comfort and quality of life.


Where we are

You will find us centrally located within Derbyshire's  Peak District.  Only a stones throw from the beautiful, and much visited,  town of Bakewell, which, amongst other things,  is famous for its delicious Bakewell Tarts and it's well stocked farmer's markets.

The Director of the Company worked alongside the Physiotherapists of a local private  clinic for over 5 years and has spent the last 3 years developing and appraising the high quality products that we now sell to patients, health professionals and the public alike. 

During the time of association with the clinic it became apparent that there was a need in the public sector to be able to source reliable medical and physiotherapy aids, which is why this company was formed.  We therefore endeavour to bring you excellent products, product knowledge and an honest and reliable service at prices that are affordable.


Our Customer Mandate:

Here at Physio & Medical Supplies Ltd. we offer high quality service, both before and after sales.  This high level of service is paramount to us, and we endeavour to treat every customer, whether retail or wholesale,  in the same manner as we ourselves would expect to be treated.



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